About Me


I'm a designer and photographer based in Leiria, west Portugal. While my passion for photography was always present since I can remember, my day to day has been designing interfaces and digital solutions to a wide array of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises. Photography became an escape from the day to day duties and, soon, began taking a large part of my life, since it can be combined with my design background to create striking images to use with the layouts I'm developing.

While I don't have the formal photography training you would expect from a professional photographer, I've been studying the art of capturing light for the past 3 years, learning from every source conceivable, ranging from youtube to online essays and, of course, other photographer portfolios.

Am I a good fit for you project? I am. With a strong background in digital communication (either through print or online ads, e-commerce or websites), my goals will be to maximize your business through great photography associated with relevant marketing and design materials. Not sure yet? Give me a call or send me an email. We can schedule a meeting and sort any questions you might have.

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